Mood Indigo/River, Stone and Twine Inspired

November 2, 2017 | by Stephen Silveira

Both a color trend for 2018 as well as an attitude going into the new year for the Alpine Home.

The decorative pillows and throws above are all part of our Mood Indigo Bedding Collection for this season that mixes a variety of linen prints that can be used to create custom bedding options. Linen trim detail and large over-sized boudoir suggest rustic, elegant simplicity.

  • Both rustic and refined Indigo is an organic compound that produces a distinctive blue

  • Using two color printing on a heavy linen, the look suggests a hand blocked textile that reflects the refined rustic elegance of Alpine Home. It also plays into another important trend for the upcoming year……
  • ‘Evidence of the hand’…..suggesting all that is hand-made and hand -loomed and sustainable