Master Weavers With Graphic Appeal

August 20, 2015 | by Stephen Silveira



The reference to indigenous culture and bold graphic pattern play works well in the alpine home, done sparingly in the mountain modern home and layered for the more traditional alpine home. Again, these new rug-like pillows feel fresh. I was particularly inspired by these new interpretations of the hair on hide rugs now combined with linen/jute backgrounds. The new rugs tend to lie flatter and price out more competitively than their pieced hair-on-hide cousins. Below, left, are some of the new textiles from weavers in Guatemala. Our in-house designers will find many uses for these beautiful textiles.




Above are several examples of new tribal inspired rugs offered at market. Two are plush weaves with art silk use of brilliant color in the geometric motifs , one a flat weave with hand woven strips combined in a very artful manner, and another a bold tribal center motif with brilliant use of color.

This chair shows a great application of a morrocan textile on a lounge chair. You can see this is paired with a Beni-Ourain rug underfoot. One-of-a kind design- magnifico!