Capturing the Essence of Nature

December 13, 2015 | by Stephen Silveira

Market is a great time to look for fresh inspiration, and summer market in Vegas proved noteworthy. The idea of capturing the essence of nature to me suggests a paring down if you will to the bare essentials; perhaps event to an abstracted suggestion of a natural element. This is a great inspiration for the mountain modern lifestyle embraced at Alpine Home.



Meteor Bowl

The meteor bowl comes in both bronze and silver. I purchased both. I like them without anything in them but the large one is also perfect for a single stem or double stem orchid.

To me the bowl suggests the movement of water , and is certainly a very organic form, but modern at the same time.


Framed Leaf

“Natural curiosities” perfectly defines this artwork shown at market and the whole idea of paring back to the essential. Literally this is art as x-ray showing the veins of a leaf in white against a black background, against repurposed horizontal wood siding. Also noteworthy is the black ash cabinet whose ceruse treatment of the wood makes this cabinet about the essential beauty of the wood and the modern large scale hardware.




Geode Photograph

The photograph of a geode is another noteworthy natural curiosity; here on archival paper with hand painted gold leaf,

and shown in an acrylic box with oyster linen background.


Textural Rug-like pillows and loose weave artisanal throws

I am always inspired by soft goods where the artisans hand work is apparent. I hand- picked a collection of both throws and pillows for fall which will be a perfect foil for the leather sofas or neutral beds in Alpine homes needing some fresh inspiration.

Some from this collection are done my master weavers from a co-op in Guatemala.